dream world

love everything



if you don’t like me

i  think maybe starting is a shit

a big shit shit

i was make the same mistakes

i am a stupid girl

if you and me

i don’t have many brave you know

i was tired

very very tired


i am crazy now

program homework can’t understand

i am a totally fool

may i have a good nice passion boy friend can teach me?

patience patience be patience girl

don’t be a silly girl

you can do it 


my opinion

i wish i can meet that boy.

make me relax

make me smile

make me charming

make me smart

make me beter than beter

like my face even my ideal

make you love me so much and deeply

i always stay

i think i dont’t understand the love

how to love a boy not friend or family

i always respect everything


i stare your eyes

expect you come with me first

talk to me 

i like you

i don’t have enough brave

say the words in my mouth

i like you even i love you

because we’re so different

my age is large than yours_five ages

I’m a graduate student.

you’re a hight school student.

i think age is our problem

if you and me have similar age

maybe i will initiative

haha maybe maybe

i still afraid

becaue you say we’re good friend always

or let me catch a boy and together with he

oh that’s make me so said you know?

no,you never never know

because we’re friend


cute boy

  • i can't forget the little cute boy.
  • even our age is so different.
  • i still remember your face and short hair and our chat.

DIY Charm Bracelet!! LIKE IT SO MUCH !!


i need logic logic logic.

but i’m so tired now


i eat more chocolate.

the new world in my life

Starting my new life in the different place.
Starting love someone new people.
Starting planing new project in the country.

Can’t you see the love I hide slip through my eyes
If I could just say the words all the secrets in my heart
and in my soul you hear.


My favorite song,it’s so coincident my ideal.

Will you Take me in your arms or let me go